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He began working in 1995 in the ICAIC as production assistant. Beginning in March of 2000 he joined at Production company “Mundo Latino” as Infographist, Editor, graphic designer, Digital animator and Assistant Director, also performed work on Propaganda and Advertising of Cuban Television Division, has made several titles with Movimiento Nacional de Video, UNEAC, Cubavision international, channel ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen), channel art, art info. (Germany), channel 3Sat, Kulturzeit (Germany), Sandra Carter Production (USA), channel ORF, Orientierung (Germany and Austria) Since 2002 he work as a freelance, in March 2005 traveled to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, invited by CODAP (Dominican School of artists), in that same year the Ministry of Culture and the Foundation for Municipal Development in the Dominican Republic, extends an invitation to attend an exchange of experiences within the framework of the Expo of municipalities with more than 500 international exhibitors. Starting in 2005 he worked as General Producer at 2QFilms Productions, participates in Ideaccion, S.A. as a strategic partner, in the area of audiovisual media, producer for the region of America's Serena promotions and content, (Spain), President Juan Tomicic, in Dominican Republic. Then in a splitting of the 2006 happens to serve as General Producer in “Opcion Final - Media Integrated” a The Sundland Group company’s, executive producer of TV "Check Inn TV" and producer of the project "Urban technology" program, magazine, social network and online store, ARTes Magazine as well a, regional Group Z and Serena Promotions and Content producer’s. 2008- 2009 General Producer of "Opción Final Medios Integrados a The SunLand Corp Company". Dominican Republic.

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